Looking for a tennis hitting partner?

Let’s play.

Here’s the deal. I’m a competitive USTA 4.0 tennis player and love the game.

I challenge you to a set or a match so you can practice your game and go for the win.

Here are the terms… I charge $100 per set. If you win the set, there’s no charge.

If we play 2 sets and you win both, you pay nothing. For each set you lose, you pay $100.

Up for competitive challenge? Want to play someone who will fight for every point and has the skills, strategy and stamina to give you a real run for your money?

Let’s go. Send me a text to schedule: 214-762-2329

My home court is at 5550 Bentwood Trail, Dallas, TX 75252. Or we can play at yours. I’m ready.

Are you?…

Tennis Practice